Photographer Elliot Erwitt has been capturing intimate moments for decades. From an obligatory kiss on the cheek to an intimate embrace, Erwitt shows us the power a kiss holds. The photo series, titled “A Kiss Is (More Than) Just A Kiss,” highlights the universal action as something that knows no age or boundaries, as well as something that has withstood time and will continue to. If these photos don’t make you feel all good inside, nothing will. Enjoy browsing through these loveable moments.

#27 Phantom

Urs Lüthi, Portrait-Study of a Complete Man, 1993.

Riots after Paris Saint-Germain won the French league in the season 2012/2013

He combs, we swoon: an Italian man and his girlfriend, 1963. This tender image is one of LIFE’s most romantic photos.  (Photo: Paul Schutzer—TIme & Life Pictures/Getty Images)